Thursday, October 2, 2008

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Another New Eco-Friendly Division Coming Soon!

Hi All!

Sorry I have been away and not in touch! We have been busy, busy and more busy at GGN. We are getting ready to launch a new site. Our new division will include our products but have an entirely different eco-focus.

For now, I wanted to point out a statistic you have probably heard a thousand times, but it is great food for thought...

"In 2006, Americans drank about 167 bottles of water each, but only recycled an average of 23 percent. That leaves 38 billion water bottles in landfills."

The plastic water bottle nags and bothers me daily. I have a real problem with it. The more I educate myself on the "fleecing of America" when it comes to bottled water, the more upset I get.

Of course, we have all heard someone say that they drank water from the tap and/or garden hose as a kid and turned out fine, but we sort of shrug it off. I think we shrug it off because some of those same people think it is fine to send their kids out without bike helmets because we didn't wear them back in the day.

In my investigating of this water jibberish, I heard an interesting suggestion from a coffee salesperson. Smell your water. If your water smells like nothing, then it is good to drink.

So, I drink my tap water. Sometimes. For the most part, I pull the water from my refrigerator filtration system. I use a reusable water bottle. If you are in my family and reading this, expect a reusable water bottle for Christmas!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Over Her Green Head

This is a short story.

I went to Target today. I forgot my cloth bags, so I had to take their plastic bags since I had too much to carry in my hands. I thought about going home to get the bags, but that negates the purpose since I'd be wasting gas doing that.

I asked the cashier to just combine the bags since she had made my green heart palpitate by double bagging everything and placing only a couple items in each. She obliged by combining everything into 3 double bags. But then...

She threw the bags I didn't want in the trash. In the trash. In the trash. In my mind, I thought she'd use them for the next customer.

I took a deep breath, picked up my heavy, over-stuffed bags and walked towards the door.

What would you have done?